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Best E-book

Posted in E-book, Kindle on December 24, 2010 by Nada

More bests, I know. This blog is either about bests or worsts or weirdness du jour. Where’s the consistency? Call the continuity editor. Make a complaint or just read this entry and be happy today’s blog is about bests.

Best item #1. This E-book here – Prophecy of the Medallion, available on Amazon, Kindle now. Yahoo! Yes, I did purchase it immediately because I have already read parts of this book previously, and loved it. It is uber suspenseful though, so if you are like me, and plan to read it late at night you might want to revise your plans so you don’t scare yourself. Or maybe, like me, you enjoy a bit of a suspense and scare, as long as you know you can close the book and creep off to bed.

Best item #2. Prophecy of the Medallion is on Kindle! At first, I was kind of bummed about this because I would love to have a Kindle but I don’t want to fork over the $$$ to buy it. BUT, then I found out the Kindle app is FREE FREE FREE for MAC, PC, iPhone and iPads. COOL! It’s an easy download. If you go to the Prophecy of the Medallion blog site, you will find the free Kindle app downloads in the right nav. I downloaded the app in literally 30 seconds and bought the E-Book in another 30.

Best item #3. The Kindle app is really easy to use, and I have already read the first chapter of my new E-book. Though I like our little library here in the burg, I can’t seem to remember the days they are closed any more, which seems to be increasing due to budget cuts, and frankly, I can read better and more, if the font can be enlarged and it’s back lit, as in the case of the Kindle app. Plus it’s just raining non-stop here (except for today). How nice to be able to just get a good book instantly without ever leaving the house?