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Dashed and Smashed

Posted in animal, Oakland, Pacifica on February 10, 2011 by Nada

We cleaned the vacated Oakland house yesterday. I scrubbed the refrig, and vacuumed the hardwood. We stopped at Farmer Joe’s on the way out of town, and snatched a roasted chicken. No one but no one can roast a chicken like Farmer Joe’s. And so, we are officially out of Oakland. Good-bye Oakland.

Hello Pacifica. I’m not sure what I’m doing with the blog. I like the new blog name, Pacifica Tsunami, suggested by Steve, and I have reserved it. The title lends itself into my chaos theme. Speaking of which, the first day we were here, a huge raccoon was dead on the side of the road by our house with its head crushed. The hubby went out to look at it, and then, I took the little dog out to look at it. It was the size of a bear cub.

This morning I let the little dog out to use the bathroom. She did her business. I collected it a plastic bag and trotted around the corner of the house to fling bag and poo in the waste can. The house is small. The corner of the house is not far, and yet, in those brief seconds, something very wrong went down. I heard the little dog, who is stone deaf and mostly blind now due to cataracts, come unglued. I ran back to her. She was barking so hard her front feet were coming off the ground. Looking at us from the other side of the fence was a raccoon head, and not a small head either. It was about the size of a basketball. The ‘coon was eyeballing my backdoor, which I had left open. Thank God for the little dog. She may be old, but she’s fighter. Not so much a biter anymore, though, because she’s lost most her teeth.

From there, it turned into a stare down. The fence is about 6 feet tall. I have to assume the raccoon was standing on something in my neighbor’s yard. I have to also assume, he’s visited my yard before. We all stood there, staring at each other until the raccoon very slowly backed down behind the fence. The little dog trotted triumphantly into the house. All hail the little dog.


Out of Service

Posted in life, Oakland on February 3, 2011 by Nada

The blog will be down for a week…or so. Our internet service is down at this location as of tomorrow, and we are vacating the premises. We were at the new place yesterday. We ate at the Taco Bell on the beach, and watched the surfers. We went to the Ace Hardware too. It’s massive. Everything is very different than Oakland. It’s still funky, which I like, but in a very different way. I haven’t decided what to do with the blog yet. Crazy 57 Bus is all about Oakland, but it seems harsh to destroy it. (Not that I haven’t done that before) I may just wander off and start a Pacifica blog, but then what would I call it? I’m hoping someone will drop some suggestions in the comments for a name. O’er and out.

Parking Meter Poles

Posted in Dimond District, general weirdness, Oakland on February 1, 2011 by Nada

A couple of years ago, the city of Oakland came into the burg and cut the heads off most of the parking meters, Cool Hand Luking them. (BTW: All of Cool Hand Luke is on YouTube in 10 minute segments. Watched it ALL last night instead of packing) Then, the city just left the poles sans meter heads. There have been various and sundry campaigns to get rid of these naked poles. Me? I contacted the T.V. news, and though they responded briefly, I guess the story was too boring. The news guys could have made it excited if they had tried, like “70 decapitated and left for dead on city sidewalks,” and then when you get past the teaser you find out it’s only parking meter poles with their heads cut off and left dysfunctional. But no, the news passed on the story all together. And so, the poles stuck up in the air like giant metal birdie fingers to all us residents, as in look what the city can do. Na Na. And you can’t do squat about it. Screw ya.

Until yesterday. A city worker was by the Safeway FINALLY Cool Hand Luking the poles at their base.He’s coming back Wednesday to cut some more. And I have to say, he was none too friendly when I tried to talk to him. I guess I was a bit over enthusiastic about the final removal of the city’s mess. Yup. Mess. Those meter poles with no meter heads just pushed my ADD and anti-litter buttons simultaneously and repeatedly. About the time they will all be gone, so will I.

Full House Cafe

Posted in life, Oakland on January 30, 2011 by Nada

One of my buds bought me a going-away lunch here. It’s an old style diner in the Laurel District. Delicious BLT, of course. What else do you get at a diner. Bacon. Bacon. Or maybe the tuna melt, which my friend ate.

The packing is going along. We managed to finish packing the garage. Most rooms are mostly packed, but the only thing entirely finished is the garage. Movers are coming Friday. I’m trying to sell some stuff on Craigslist that we don’t want to move. I think we will run out of boxes today. Panic has not set in, but may on Thursday.

Farmers Blimp

Posted in Oakland, San Francisco, travel on January 16, 2011 by Nada

Farmers blimp is our local blimp cabbie. Not cheap, but then who knows the bargain price for blimp transportation these days. Blimps are odd to begin with, but here’s some weird news of an unexplained blimp accident and missing crew. That is odd on odd, if you ask me. Blimp. Accident. Missing crew. Someone call a news crew, except it’s 1942, AND a blimp. Not something really relevant to today’s society or any sort of main means of transportation. But, here’s another partial fact (and partial half baked deal from my brain). One of my best friend’s fathers used to be a dirigible pilot in the armed forces. I’ve forgotten which branch. Then, he became a dentist.

Umm, so I’m supposed to be packing. Looks like the house deal is closing. We are leaving. Soon. Movers are coming on Tuesday for an estimate. They are some Irish lads and hopefully, will help us. I hope they are a lot of help because you can see what I’m doing. Goofing off.


Posted in food, Oakland on December 21, 2010 by Nada

I hate Christmas. There. I said it. My blog. I can say what I want. Having said that, though, there are aspects of Christmas I do like. The food – of course. Cranberry sauce. Turkey. Cake. This cake. This is my friend’s baking blog and though she usually saves me a piece of everything she bakes, I didn’t get any of this. NONE, and then, she emailed me this blog entry last night. Our friendship may be suspended until she provides a piece of THIS CAKE.

The other Christmasy thing I like is – Farmer Joe’s patio. It’s covered with Christmas trees, glorious firs with such a pungent scent it’s like a forrest there now. Saturday, I trotted down there in the rain in my Payless cheapie boots with the simple intent of buying some freshly roasted coffee from the coffee guy on the patio. I literally could not leave. I went inside and got a deli sandwich (Vince’s grilled chicken sandwich – delicious!) and camped on the patio for HOURS. There were only a couple of seats available because the fur trees crowded everything and everyone. It was so quiet, and peaceful, sitting on the patio in the rain with smell of furs permeating the air. I felt like I had pitched a tent there. And I guess I had. I pitched a virtual tent.

Mormon Temple

Posted in Oakland on December 16, 2010 by Nada

The best Christmas lights this year are at the Mormon Temple. They even have some music playing in some sort of surround sound. It’s open to the public, or at least I think it is. We drove in, parked, and then walked around.