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Oaktoberfest, Oakland’s Oktoberfest

Posted in Dimond District, food, Oakland, party on October 1, 2010 by Nada

October 9, 2010 11am – 6pm where Fruitvale Avenue meets MacArthur Boulevard. PLENTY OF ZA BEER!!! So, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the Oaktoberfest, not because I’m an organizer, but because I’m the neighborhood busybody. So, I went and talked to one of the organizers today. He said, “Some microbreweries are going to only bring a couple of kegs so if you want to sample ample, come early.” EARLY! As in 11am. Start drinking in the morning. It’s liberating.

Another question: “We ran out of beer last year. Are we going to run out this year.” Actually, they did not run out of beer last year. Some microbreweries simply depleted their stock. Once drunk, it’s gone. Come early. Don’t wait until 4pm.

Another question: “Will the lines be as long as last year?” The first year, 1400 people showed up at our Oaktoberfest in the Dimond District. The next year 10,000 people showed up. Yes, the lines were long last year. We were not prepared. This year we are, but still – come early. Steins will be sold for beer purchases. Once the steins are gone, they are gone.

Another question: Will Big Lou, the Accordion Princess be there? YES!!!! I would link you up to her site, but it looks like she’s having some problems with it.