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NY Governor Debate

Posted in political, politics on October 19, 2010 by Nada

Campaign Video

Posted in Oakland, political on October 8, 2010 by Nada

Love this video…
Jean is running for mayor in the November elections. I like Jean’s videos, even though I’m no fan of rap. My only critique of this one is the ending where the rappers thank Jean. That whole “thank you” scene should be omitted. It’s as if they don’t own a car or something and are obliged to Jean, and they are going to a house party for Jean. She should be thanking them. Don’t like that part. I think it would be way cooler if they all just got out of the car, as if the rappers may not be real, just on the radio and the song is still floating in Jean’s head as she walks up to the house party. Love the scenes of Oakland out the car window. All in all a great song and video. I will give this a two thumbs up.

Meg Whitman and Her Housekeeper

Posted in general weirdness, political, politics on September 30, 2010 by Nada

Meg Whitman finally got a big dose of what she’s been serving up here in the California gubernatorial race. She’s all mad now, holding press conferences and saying crap like, “Gloria Allred does this before every election.” And to quote the hyperlinked article, “Indeed, before Gov. Arnold Schwarzennegger, a Republican, was first elected to that office, Allred had a press conference with a woman who claimed the former Hollywood movie star had groped her.” We elected The Gubernator anyway. I voted for him, grope or no. I think he’s done a pretty good job too.

Meg should write notes to herself like I do, and those notes should read, “Remember not to diss other candidates as my platform. They may retaliate.” I guess they did, and to be honest, I don’t care if she hired an illegal alien to clean her house. She’s the one making the big deal out of it. What I do care about is her platform is based on maligning the other candidates. Every single T.V. ad I see she she just tells me what a liar and boob Jerry Brown is. You know what? It makes you look like you have a screw loose, Meg. And where did you find that crazy picture of Jerry Brown with the errant facial hair (singular). Are you one of those mean girls from high school? Why don’t you tell us something about how you plan to save California from our financial crisis. Maybe you’re not concerned with that. Hard to say.

Daniel Swafford City Council District 4

Posted in Dimond District, District 4, Oakland, political, politics on September 12, 2010 by Nada

I have no interest in politics. Zip. None. But I do have a high interest in electing someone to Oakland City Council for District 4 who’s done a whole heck of a lot for my community. That person is Daniel Swafford. He’s running for Oakland City Council District 4 in the November 2010 election. His volunteer work speaks for itself. What the web site doesn’t say is how Daniel never runs from a tough situation. He wades in and mediates. Do I know him personally? Sure, I do. I think everyone in the Dimond District knows him and knows how much he has helped our community with his sincerity, hard work, and willingness to unselfishly give his time for the betterment of community. Okay, now I sound like some kind of ad. Vote! Daniel. That’s what I say. And I only recommend the best on this blog. He’s the best. I know. I know. Another best.

Police Helicopter

Posted in Oakland, political, whatevah on September 24, 2009 by Nada

Supposedly, according to city council person Jane Brunner, Oakland’s police helicopter has been grounded due to lack of funds. I found this wandering around the internet. It’s Oakland’s helicopter maintenance contract for $730,000 for two years, waiving competitive bidding. WTF?

Brunner was one of the council people responsible for the new parking regulations. The city council voted in expensive parking meter changes and regulations, and then, rather than hear any flak from the public, they went on break. The new regulations prohibit people from shopping in Oakland. That’s the way to cure the city’s ills. She says she was trying to raise revenue to save the city. Instead, she has caused a revolt. People are talking about recalling Brunner.

Needless to say, the police helicopter has not been around. I noticed in a way you notice something is missing but can’t quite place it. I finally decided the night train had turned up the volume on its whistle, but the truth is the helicopter, which was whopping over my house every other Saturday night, is sitting on a tarmac somewhere gathering dust.

Do I miss it? No. Was it helping? Haven’t a clue. Ask any long time Oakland resident and he/she will tell you the whirlybird was annoying as hell. It was so bad one night I called Oakland PD and asked them to contact the helicopter pilot and request he take his spotlight away from my bedroom. The fleeing felon was not in there, and he was scaring the animals.

The dispatcher responded with, “How do you know it’s us?”

“I can see you out my window,” I said.

“I have no way to contact him,” she said, and yet he whopped off in the next few minutes as if he got an urgent call on his bat phone from another part of the city.

Beer Summit, et al

Posted in political on July 31, 2009 by Nada

cake_summitWhen President Obama said “the Cambridge police acted stupidly,” the tiny voice in my head instantly piped up, “Oh, you haven’t seen stupid. I can show you stupid.”

Both sides of this conflict, Dr. Henry Gates and Sgt. James Crowley, wanted an apology at beer summit, which they didn’t get, but what they got was beer and with Obama. Beers at the White House on the lawn with the President. Priceless. (Except to the American taxpayer, of course, who probably paid for plane fares and hotels overnighters of Gates, Crowley and all their relatives)

I can’t help but think if Gates and Crowley were women, they would have thrown in the towel (the kitchen one with the dried spaghetti sauce on it) and apologized, tearfully hugging each other in front of the Prez. Then when they were out of earshot, calling each other Le Grande Ho with implants, instead of au natural. Meow.

And let me say two other stray words about beer summit – Joe Biden. Why was he there? So the race count card was even? 2 black and 2 white. And did Biden contribute anything or just eat crackers? He seemed to just eat crackers like Obama’s parrot for the two minutes the press watched. “Biden wants a cracker. Biden wants a fake beer. Biden’s a pretty bird.”

And here’s the beer list:
Prez – Bud Light
Birdie Biden – Buckler
Dr. Gates – Red Stripe
Sgt. Crowley – Blue Moon

I have to go with the Prez or the Sgt. on this. The Buckler? Just makes me want to say, “Belly up to the bar, Bidey. Drink a man’s beer, not some Dixie cupped kindergarten juice.”

And me? Well, I want to go to a summit at the White House. I want to be the next Joe Blow that gets in some deep seated and yet trivial conflict that the President missteps on. I want to sit on the White House lawn, making small talk and not apologizing. I want to drink beer, only I can’t drink anymore so how about cake? Maybe the Prez could have a cake summit for me and we could settle and yet not settle things right there in D.C. as the Prez ate cake and Biden ate some sort of sugar free version.

Oakland Parking

Posted in cars, holy crap, Oakland, political, she-it on July 14, 2009 by Nada

As if we don’t have enough problems. There’s this now. Now, a quarter only buys 8 minutes on Oakland’s parking meters. AND we really don’t have use of the parking meters any more. We have these little boxes we pay at, then run the receipt back to our car’s dash. By the time we do all that, we’ve used up a quarter. No more free parking after 6pm either. The free time is after 8pm.

I particularly like this new penalty fee – $330 for parking within 3 feet of a sidewalk access ramp. That’s going to nail a few people. There’s not even red painted on the curb there. And the lame useless parking meters that are still up, say free parking time starts after 6. Traps everywhere, sponsored by our local government. If our local government was in grammar school and it was 40 years ago, the teacher would paddle its behind until its pants pockets fell off.

I know we’re $51 million behind in revenue, but whose fault is that? Ours? Take it out on us? The peons parking their cars after 6pm near the taqueria. You know what I say? I say, “Go to hell, Oakland.” If it’s not the criminals robbing us at gunpoint, it’s the f’in politicians.