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Macy’s Mess

Posted in she-it, shopping on September 22, 2010 by Nada

This is Macy’s downtown San Francisco 6th floor, by the windows facing Union Square. I walked over to the windows to get better cell phone reception and found this, hoarders trash heap. WOW! Not really something I wanted to see, and frankly, hard to believe. At first I thought maybe it was stored displays, but if you look closely there’s garbage thrown in there amidst the rubble. Damn, Macy’s. Get a grip, or a cleaning crew or a dumpster. You can do better than this. Way better.


Chinatown Cat

Posted in San Francisco, shopping on March 2, 2010 by Nada

This guy was working away in one of the little stores in Chinatown today. He was clawing and digging in a stack of silk boxes. When I patted him, he stopped momentarily, then went right back to whatever it was he was doing.

Finally, I said, “Look, you’re making a mess here.” And he was. He was knocking silk boxes off the shelf, sticking both his paws deep into the pile. He stopped, looked at me, walked off to the dishes, sat down, and pretended to ignore me.

I asked the sales lady if the cat ever broke anything. “Oh yes,” she said. “Then, he run to back. I try to stop him before he break plate. I tell him, ‘I hit you’ and he run to back. But I never hit him. He just like to run to back. I think.”


Posted in general weirdness, Oakland, shopping on February 9, 2010 by Nada

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, nor did I go to any Super Bowl parties. I went to Walmart instead. Why? Because I figured no one would be there. Everyone would be glued to their T.V. sets. I could finally get a shopping cart. I could buy a hair dryer. Buy computer speakers. Buy toilet paper. Buy. Buy. Buy. Shop. Shop. Shop. I could roam the aisles on a puff of smoke, the only one there. Okay, that was FantasyMart. Reality – Walmart was packed. There was one shopping cart left, and I had to run past a gaggle of texting teenaged girls at the door to get it. Then, I felt sorry for a woman, lugging a full sized T.V. set by hand in electronics, and I gave my cart to her. Walmart sucks, and sucks so bad it can defeat the Super Bowl with its eyes closed.

This was apparently Walmart’s ad during the Super Bowl.And now they have a sense of humor. Ack. I want you Walmart, even more than ever now.