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Chevron Refinery Tour

Posted in technology on September 18, 2010 by Nada

Today, I went on the Chevron Refinery tour in Richmond. It’s the first tours Chevron Richmond have offered since the ’80’s. I couldn’t take any pictures for security reasons, and I can’t find any on the internet, so I won’t be posting any. (I really wanted a picture of their balloon shaped propane tanks.)

I had no idea that refinery produced so many products, like propane and hydrogen. The grounds of the refinery are amazing. It’s a little city of buildings, miles of pipeline, storage facilities, trains, fire departments, and safety shacks. Our guides were two men, whose names I have promptly forgotten, but they worked at the refinery as an electrical engineer and a chemical engineer. Very decent of the plant to give us some engineers as tour guides.

Everyone was super duper nice too. They had a lot of greeters and sightseeing bus for the tour. Would I recommend it? Highly. Even if you think the plant is up to no good. Go. Check the whole thing out. Butt you’ll have to wait a while. If the tour is offered again, it will be next year.


Google Car

Posted in San Francisco, technology on August 12, 2010 by Nada

My friend, her nephews, and I were walking to the cable car barn (see previous post) when I spotted the Google car coming slowly down the street. I love that search engine, so much so when I saw the Google car taking photos I pointed like a star struck teenager and screamed, “The Google car. It’s the Google car.” Did I get out my camera? No. Did I get a picture? No. I just stood there squawking and flapping my wings like a barnyard chicken. Fortunately, one of the nephews grabbed the camera and ran down the street and snapped a couple of great shots.