Cooking Hints

Do not put 2 sardines in your microwave for 20 seconds.

Do not put 2 sardines in your microwave for 9 seconds. Though it will not dematerialize them like the prior 20 second method, this wave time will toughen them, rendering them akin to eating a billfold, albeit a tiny one.


10 Responses to “Cooking Hints”

  1. I just ate my last can of sardines yesterday, now I’ll never be able to experience the “eating a billfold” test. Why on earth were you trying to nuke sardines? I thought sardines were to be eaten at room temperature.

    • The little buggers had been in the refrigerator and I was trying to casually, and quickly, bring them to room temperature. I casually, and quickly, microed them in every sense of the word.

  2. First I have to ask. Were they swiming in a bowl? Okay, just kidding. I know they came out of a can. Like AZ, I prefer mine a room temp. Does the big guy like warm sardines?

  3. They are swimming with the fishes now. har har… The big guy can’t stand sardines. I’m the addict, though I don’t like the ones in mustard.

  4. You know how no matter how strange the subject matter if you Google it something will come up, well, I Googled micro waved sardines, and sure nuff up pops a site that was discussing foods that have been banned from workplace nukers, and top two items seems to be microwave popcorn (the smell makes some people nauseous) and sardines (or any fish product). Who knew?

    • I got in trouble my last working stint for eating sardines at work. They told me to stop. The empty tin was stinking up the whole place. Not only did I not stop, but I put the empty tin in the complainers waste basket when he went to lunch. I always ate at my desk.

  5. as AZ said… I’d never microwave sardines… I don’t think I like sardines…. it’s been a while since I had any… I might have to have them now. I blame you.

  6. My cooking hint for sardines….ewwww. Carefully open container… next empty entire container into trash can. Sit trash can outside in the sun for a few hours. Now your trash can will be the envy of every small creature in the neighborhood. Open lid and serve!
    The next morning…trash can on it’s side, all contents scattered all over your yard…….Except the sardines will be missing

  7. I loved this. I laughed so hard. This is better than my cooking hints.

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