We’re Back

And we’ve been back. I’ve been neglecting the blog, like I do, sometimes, not out of malice but out of senility as in “Oh, yeah. I think I’ll start a blog. Oh, yeah. I already have one.”

The trip was fun, mostly the front end, Tybee Island, and the back end, Hilton Head Beach. My favorite part was sitting on a wooden lounger under a beach umbrella on Hilton Head island, sharing a plate of nachos with my cousin and the Big Guy. The ocean was warm too, not like the Pacific. The Big Guy and I bobbed around, so much so I decided I needed to move there, immediately, if not before. Of course, when I got home, I realized I needed to eat a roasted chicken from Farmer Joe’s immediately. And then I had to decide – beech or roasted chicken. The jury is still out.

These are the Big Guy’s legs on the last leg (ha ha) of our flight home. Next time (like I will ever remember this next time), I WILL look where Southwest flies before it brings me home. Flying all over the continental U.S. is not okay. I saw the airports of Norfolk and Chicago. I watched 2 movies on my iPod. The Big Guy took random pictures. This was one of them, and it’s is not an optical illusion. His legs are that long. We look like Mutt and Jeff standing together.

The story of the seat with all the leg room…
When we landed in Norfolk, the stewardess said we could switch seats after she counted us. I threw two woman with New Jersey accents to the tarmac to get this seat for my man. It was the only seat like it on the plane. I was proud of my wrestling skills, in a redneck sort of way.


12 Responses to “We’re Back”

  1. Hey, glad you both had a good time. I like the photo. It looks like he just moved a seat out of the way to stretch. I had a frequent flyer trip to the states from Germany. It was the worst flight with the most stops you could get. The flight was free, but they send you everywhere no one else will book.

  2. Sounds horrible. I’m appreciative of free flights until I get on them and there’s torture. I have a tendency to get motion sick, mostly caused by landing and taking off.

  3. You better hope the two Jersey princesses have short memories or their Uncle Vito might come looking for you. I can see it now… “Oakland woman beaten severely at a local Farmer Joe’s by New Jersey mobster, Vito ‘The Fist’ Andollina, while being carted away to a waiting ambulance reporters say the Oakland woman was heard to say ‘my chicken, don’t forget my roasted chicken.'”

    Good to hear you vacation was a success.

  4. LOL! I would too – drag that chicken. Farmer Joe’s has these big roasters – no fat. And I am totally addicted to the chicken and the creole potato salad. YUM!

  5. Glad to hear you had a good time on your trip! I vote for moving back in this direction….maybe that way we could meet up and get into some mischief.

  6. OMG….St. Pete is like 35 minutes from us!! That would be so cool. I think your niece will find the housing prices right now is great!! I’m so excited…fingers and toes crossed. Got to go do the happy dance!!

    • THAT WOULD BE SO GREAT!!! I’ll have to remind my niece. You know how the kids are…they forget, or is that me? I forget.

  7. Ok…excuse my grammar….*prices ARE ….not is! Just got toooo excited!

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